What is Matched Betting and What are its Advantages? An Ultimate Guide

Matched Betting India Guide

Enrolling in the betting industry and having the opportunity to earn easy cash is quite welcoming. Plenty of bettors around the world are taking gambling like a serious business, where they can earn their living and pay their bills. But to other people, they take betting as a way of pleasure while others as a way of relieving stress.

Matched betting is defined as a technique of converting free bets that are provided by bookmakers into real money. From the ever-growing technology, betting companies have been set to stage the development of betting. A lot has been achieved with the creation of betting websites and links that offer efficient betting services to punters.

One of those services that these companies have provided on their platforms is matched betting. To play matched betting, all the potential results of the sports betting are covered by placing several bets.

By performing it, bettors will easily make profits as it doesn’t matter which team wins a particular match. Matched betting (also referred to as back-bet matching, double betting, or lay-bet matching) involves a method of betting used by bettors to earn profits/money from incentives and other free bets that bookmakers offer.

The technique is regarded as risk-free because it involves the application of mathematical formulas instead of chances.

Matched Betting India


There are various ways of making money in betting. The most popular technique, and which happens to be the most difficult one, is selecting who wins the match.

It is still possible to have all your money lost when most of your predicted matches are correct – in a multi-bet scenario.

Arbitrage betting is another easy method of making money on betting but only guarantees you the profits if you do it correctly.

You will be banned if suspected you are of doing arbitrage betting by some bookmakers; that is a major hurdle about this kind of betting. Luckily, after attempting all those betting options/techniques without any success, you must try the “No risk” matched betting. When done properly, matched betting is for real a profitable scheme.

It will take a short time for novices to earn impressive profits.

Some experts have claimed to make thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of rupees every month thanks to Matched betting in India. In India, matched betting is a legal practice, it is easy to enroll and learn the fundamental concepts. Also check out some of the eSports betting tips in India.

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How Matched Betting Works

Before you commence, you must have a few basic concepts about matched betting. The first one is knowing the concepts of “back betting” and “lay betting”.

Back betting involves placing a simple wager on an event to happen. For example, you can back bet with a certain bookmaker on Delhi Capitals to win against Chennai Super Kings implying that you’re betting on Delhi Capitals to win that game.

That way, you’re backing the bet. Now, on the other side, that is the flip side, the bookmakers are essentially betting on that results to turn the other way round, Chennai Super Kings to win implying that the bookmaker is now placing a lay bet.

In other terms, the person betting is the back better while the bookmaker is challenging them as the lay bettor. Suppose your friend wants to play a simple bet with your mind using a coin toss. He approaches you and says the outcome is going to be heads and he is willing to place 1000 Indian Rupees on it. He is trying to be the back bettor. He is wagering on a particular result. If you agree to his terms, then you’re making the lay bet. You’re betting that his prediction will not occur. Check out some football betting tips.

Match Betting Sites


The list of betting sites out there trying to handle matched betting is endless, but there is always this kind of scramble in every walk of life. Some of the best matched betting sites include Oddsmonkey, Profit Accumulator, Profit Maximiser, et al.


if not the leading site, it’s one of the top matched betting sites recommended.

This site offers you exceptional value for your money and exemplary service.

We would recommend and say it’s undoubtedly one among the top matched betting sites for newbies and pros thanks to its incredibly easy guide.

It also comes with a wide range of incredible tools that help you in getting easy money. From assembling different football games, accumulators, tennis matches, or horse refunds, this site appears to have all the required tools – and we hope additional applications are ongoing at the moment, so be on the watch out.

It only takes a short time for bettors to get their £19.99 subscription fee back.

Profit Accumulator:

they’re indeed the fiercest rivals for Oddsmonkey but we still believe that the latter still edges it in different aspects. This betting giant comes with almost similar tools like Oddsmonkey and covers the same offers. For that reason, ignoring all the possible preferences and biases, it’s hard to split the Profit Accumulator from Oddsmonkey. They both share a 5-star rating!

Profit Maximiser:

whilst it wasn’t the first service in the industry, it really took matched betting to the other level. Great offers are constantly posted on their site, making Profit Maximiser a contender for the best match betting site. While we believe Oddsmonkey and Profit Accumulator are stronger for ordinary sporting bet needs, we award Profit Maximiser a huge margin regarding making money on Casino games.

Matched Betting Tips

Now, without further ado, you need to know the basics and tips necessary to become a pro. Over the years, these matched betting tips have worked and have been useful to thousands if not millions of punters out there who wanted to make easy money from matched betting. we could give hundreds of tips but we’re sure you won’t sift through all of that information, and if you try, perhaps you will lose track of which ones to implement for the best results. They are just simple and easy to follow as listed below:

  • Choosing the Best-Matched Betting Site: you should adopt a betting site that is easy to use, has awesome commission rates, and that accepts all sorts of bettors.
  • Getting Expert Matched Betting Assistance: if you’re a newbie, matched betting can be really challenging. It’s always wise to get everything correct because mistakes can be costly. Choose a specialist to guide you through the whole process and teach you all the things you need to know about matched betting.
  • Double-Checking Everything: this helps you to avoid making unnecessary mistakes when you are filling out offers. Also, remember to check through the terms and conditions of the game.
  • Picking Markets with the Same Odds: you can place two bets at different betting firms/sites – one at a bookie while the other at a betting exchange. The main objective is finding the market having a tight back and lay odds. This way, you will certainly make more money.
  • Using Several Bookies: from this tip, you can easily make huge profits from the offers provided on those bookies. Needless to say, you complete more offers, you make more money.
  • Regular Mug Betting: this involves keeping your bookmaker accounts always active. Keeping them unrestricted gives you a huge edge for success.
  • Sticking to Matched Betting: never turn to gamble, it’s very different from matched betting – involves risks – and if you try, it will cost you: you’ll most likely lose all the money you’ve extracted from matched betting.
  • Begin with Sign up Offers: if you’re a newbie, don’t worry because everyone has to start somewhere. Sign up offers are incredibly the simplest and most profitable offers to earn from. Additionally, they let you create a nice bank balance.
  • Stay Persistent: lastly, just keep working hard. The serious and “rich” matched bettors earn better rewards than part-timers. Take it as a job.


From increasing rivalry between different bookmakers, it has been made available for the number of promotional bets. This makes matched betting a viable method of making easy and continuous money. Some advantages of matched betting are:

  • Latest Offers from Betting Sites: the online account is secure after creating the dashboard. It’s easy to access the dashboard from any device, set profit goals, and whatever you’d like to achieve. This enables you to get new opportunities.
  • You’ve Access to a Matched Betting Calculator: the premium services come with an intuitive calculator that helps you to evaluate the stake. This helps you to optimize, minimize the losses while maximizing the incomes.
  • Support Facilities: these sites come with a team of professionals who have the whole technique and skills. Not forgetting the guide and tips various bookmakers provide for punters. The tips and professional advice lets you place your bet(s) and offers you the difference between back betting and lay betting. Additionally, there are comprehensive tutorials to make the whole process easy and more profitable. Also read about the single bet strategy.


If it won’t make you rich, it will put a great deal of money in your pockets. The whole concept is easy and most importantly profitable. The amount of cash you’re going to earn is worth it. If you haven’t enrolled, try it now and you’ll like the results!

Let it be sports, weather, political outcomes, or any other place where a chance is involved, you can see many people who love to bet for an outcome. Today, as technology improved the online betting in India has also changed to online betting India. Betting sites 24 is one of the best Indian betting sites.



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