What is Single Bet Strategy and Tips for Winning It?

Single Bet Strategy

As you might have overheard, sports betting is an incredibly popular activity in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, in the UK alone, punters bet an average of about £626 each second.

This figure sheds light on its popularity and shows the craze of bettors wanting to earn from betting. What’s more is this figure continues to grow as many people are opening bookmaker sites and millions are placing bets on these digital platforms.

Almost half of the money spent on betting is wagered on football as it’s the most popular sport across the globe. Nevertheless, people haven’t known ways of making money from these activities. The majority play guesswork without following any stipulated strategy/formula to win the bets. They end up losing plenty of money at the hands of bookmakers.

As you go through this article, I’m presuming you have already enrolled yourself in betting and probably you’ve won several times. If not, then you’re not late as you will learn how to do it like a pro. Before we start, we need to know what a betting strategy is and its importance.

A betting strategy is critical for those online punters who have chosen betting as their way of making money and committed to it for long-term success.

And this implies they will commit their precious time learning beating strategies and creating an appropriate plan for their success.

It is critical regarding the fact that betting tends to be an unpredictable number of times hence the need to put their efforts on value betting.

Eventually, successful punters can identify particular strategies that work best for them, conform to their budget, and correctly match their risk appetite. They have a model that simplifies their betting activity and adds profit to them.

They acquire a peculiar betting strategy that sets them apart from their mates and increases their winning probability.

Unfortunately, lacking a sound betting strategy is one easy way for punters to lose their money. Nevertheless, the opposite is true; sound betting strategies clearly distinguish successful punters from the unsuccessful ones. The former can easily realize where one-size does not fit well all the games and confidently customize their approach to the game on tap.

Above all, these professional punters apply personal conviction in these sorts of strategies and are not carried away by external forces when it comes to making their moves.

Professional bettors have their own way of doing things right. They develop viable betting strategies to assist them in earning money from betting.

Firstly, they research and with much patience read about the existing betting strategies.

Secondly, they are good observers of the betting industry and the kind of sports (football, basketball) they intend to bet on.

For instance, since the start of 2018/2019 season, Video Assistant Referee (VAR) has been in use and this has probably increased the number of penalties taken in football matches. Punters are in constant lookout for the new trends in sporting arenas.

Thirdly, now that they have the idea, their subsequent step is to find other factors that affect the identified idea.

For instance, an opponent with abusive fans – offensive, racists – might affect the attacking brand of the other team. Also, bad conditions of the pitch may affect the scoring efforts of the visiting team.

Lastly, now that they have settled on a particular strategy, they need to test and tweak it with small stakes and monitor how it performs with the wagers. They vividly examine if there are ways to introduce adjustments to the adjustment to accommodate variables they may have ignored or eliminated variables that don’t affect the results.

Single Bet Strategy

As the name suggests, a single bet strategy comprises a single (one/individual) wager that is graded on the outcomes of one game.

It’s the most basic bet and it is regarded as a straight bet in simple terms. Understanding how to commit your money in a single best is very fundamental to the success of sports betting. Check out some sports betting tips.

Irrespective of the risk tolerance and bankroll, in the eyes of most punters, a straight bet is consistently the right way to invest your betting money.

Teasers, props, and multi-team stakes may seem to be thrilling, but they make up part of the lottery mentality where you bet small to win big. For the serious ones who seek to make profits, selecting the right games and putting bets on them individually is the right formula for winning.

All you need when placing a single bet is making a selection, deciding the amount you need to wager, and then placing the bet.

If your selection wins, then the winning is paid out in regard to the odds that are shown against the selection before placing the bet.

For instance, suppose you decide to back Chelsea FC to beat Arsenal in the FA cup finals and the odds on Chelsea FC are 3.2/1.0 and you bet a $20 stake if Chelsea FC wins then your win will be ($20*3.2/1.0=$64). If the two teams draw or Arsenal FC wins the match, your stake will be gone.

Some people might think single bets are kinda boring. But each time you’re this kind of “misunderstanding” just pose one question to them.

Ask them whether they like Coca-cola or KFC. They have not changed for a long time neither are they exotic but they are simple and satisfying.

Mathematics proves why the story of single bets is another incredible thing to give a try for every betting enthusiast. A punter is required to beat the juice for them to be profitable.

The chances of winning in a single bet are way higher than making it with a multi-bet. It only requires you to gauge your comfort level in terms of finances to determine the amount you should allocate for your bet.

Indeed, your confidence is very important and shouldn’t be overlooked, but again a steady hand should be considered. Most professional bettors adopt a certain system to determine the amount of money to put to risk.

For example, suppose you have got a $1000 bankroll and on your first bet decide to bet 5% ($50) of it. You will remain with $1050 in the pot upon winning the wager. In your next bet, you might decide to bet 5.25% of the new amount ($1050). If you blow the bet, the percentage will drop slightly.

When you win, betting becomes more fun besides being an investment.

There’s always that adrenaline rush that occurs after adding some cash into your pocket from sports betting. Of course, everyone anticipates to win huge sums of money in a single scoop, but foreign wagers can be enticing and equally incredibly difficult to earn money. With the right system, are well-disciplined, or select your spot wisely, making single bets can be the right opportunity for lasting success.

Tips For Winning Bets

Tips For Winning Bets

Despite what people may say, sports betting isn’t certain that you are going to make money and you’re not always guaranteed to win.

Different variables go into sports betting and there is no way of making predictions of the right result. Luckily, there are known tips that assist in winning bets. Let’s look at each in detail.

1. Try Matched Betting

Probably one of the best tips to earn huge incomes on sports betting is no other than matched betting.

Here, regardless of the result, bettors are guaranteed to make a profit.

Most recently, matched betting has been awarded plenty of praises thanks to a growing number of bookmakers who offer free bets.

Today, bookies are offering bonuses to both the new and existing customers. There is no risk with matched betting because two bets are placed on opposing results implying that one of them is guaranteed to win when the other loses.

Matched betting perfectly works in football matches as there are always countless opportunities, especially in big leagues like EPL, La Liga, Serie A, UEFA Champions League, et al.

2. Learn to Keep Records

Learn to Keep Records

So, what in particular requires recording? Here are things you should consider:

  • The bets that you won and lost
  • The amount of money you stake on the bets
  • Your total profit and losses you make from the bets
  • The type of bookmaker you adopt when placing your bets

This method gives you a clear picture as to whether the kind of strategy you’re adopting is working. Also, keeping records assists you in knowing whether you are likely to meet your target or not.

3. Staying Impartial, Avoid Using Your Heart

Amateur bettors tend to apply their emotions when placing football bets, which is very wrong for their “health” and betting as well.

It’s paramount to always use your analytical brain and refrain from using emotions as doing it will probably result in making wrong decisions and losing the overall profit.

It’s recommended to avoid betting on your favorite team unless your analysis and research allow it as it would most likely bring emotions into the mix.

4. Learn to Take Small Wins

Learn to Take Small Wins

Recall the saying “every little help”, which seems to work well also in sports betting.

Don’t be discouraged by small wins.

You should be encouraged by the fact the strategy you’re adopting is working for you.

There is that punter who’s always chasing big wins and thinks about how winning the bet will entirely change their life. Little do they know chances of winning it are futile.


Sports betting is an activity that makes sporting even more entertaining. When you use betting strategies to win money from betting you realize the true meaning of being a fan and at the same time an entrepreneur.

Let it be sports, weather, political outcomes, or any other place where a chance is involved, you can see many people who love to bet for an outcome. Today, as technology improved the online betting in India has also changed to online betting India. Betting sites 24 is one of the best Indian betting sites.

Rakesh Nadkarni