Sports Betting Tips: Strategies to Make Successful Bets

Sports Betting Tips

Have you wondered why people have so much craving for betting? The answer is very simple, just for fun and in the meantime an opportunity to enlarge our pockets!

But one thing we should have in mind is that beginners shouldn’t do it for the sake of other people doing it and they are earning money.

No matter how easy it may look, it isn’t exactly simple to get everything correct for the first time. If you approach it in the wrong manner you’re unlikely to enjoy it after all. Just to say the painful truth, you definitely won’t be on the appropriate track towards making money.

But I am not saying this to embarrass you, or to see sports betting a hard thing to do. I hope that you follow sport betting tips and strategies, and abide by the rules of the game.

As we talk today, there are online betting sites/companies for sports across the globe are making billions of money from their subscribers. At the same time, thousands of people are making millions of dollars from betting.

The question is, who makes the largest profit?

The company or betting fans? And the answer is straight, betting companies! This implies that the majority of people who place bets end up losing their money to these firms. Remember, two parties are involved in this “deal” if one party loses, the other gains, and vice versa.

The difference is that a person who places a bet wins with a certain scale making a profit from their capital while when the betting company wins, it takes away all the money the betting “invests” with them.

In the world, today, just like there are multinationals like Apple. Inc., Samsung Corporation, Toyota, IBM, et al., so are the betting companies. Some of the most popular sports betting companies include bet365, 1XBET, betway,, MARATHON BET, fun88, dafabet, betfair, and bwin among others.

Some of these firms have existed for the last two decades and have become well-recognized brands across the entire globe. They offer a wide selection of betting options providing betting enthusiasts with fantastic betting experience.

Others have become multi-billion empires and are now sponsoring some of the big football clubs in the world such as Westham United FC, Wolverhampton Wanders FC, Everton FC, Norwich City FC, and Levante FC among others. Regardless of which sports betting company, you’re trading with, betting strategies and betting tips play a very critical role.

To be successful in whatever betting activity requires you to develop the right mindset. Let’s capture the bull by its horns now. Are you tired of making these sports betting firms have a fat financial account?

There are expert betting tips betting “gurus” are using to enrich themselves. And the list is endless, just a few have been explained in this article.

Sports Betting Tips to Remember

Tip #1 – Set Reasonable/Achievable Goals

It isn’t a difficult thing to win the wagers you place during a sports betting exercise. Anybody, even those who are not knowledgeable about sports can make the right predictions and win a couple of matches. But here we’re not looking to win just by luck; we need to do it as a business to make profits.

The plain truth of betting is that the largest portion of people ends up losing their money. There’re a couple of reasons for that, but they aren’t necessary for today. Some of the “losers” start betting believing that they can apply their knowledge of sports to defeat bookmakers. What happens later? They make losses!

But there is a way of making profits from this sports betting; it requires more than knowledge of sports. One secret of making it happen is to be realistic and set achievable goals.

The earliest goal should be founded on learning more and attempting to improve slowly. After you have gained some level of experience, you can now begin setting complex goals.

Sometime the objective might be as simple as to just enjoy yourselves and that is definitely a short-term and achievable goal. If truth be told, doing it for fun is arguably the right approach beginners should focus on. Once they have learned, they can start taking things seriously.

Tip #2: Learning the Basics

Learning the Basics

We mentioned at the beginning that sporting betting is as easy as pressing a button but that does not necessarily imply people should get started anyhow. Getting your facts right by learning the fundamentals prior to starting to place bets puts you in a much safer and better position of not losing your money and enjoying the experience respectively.

The fundamentals alone will not assist you to earn profits, but they’ll ensure that you get started correctly. Some of the basics of online betting include an explanation of fixed odds, various types of sports bets, components of sports bets, etc.

Tip #3 – Setting the Budget and Applying a Staking Strategy

This is arguably the most important tip for online sports betting. Irrespective of the amount of money you have or your goals might be short- or long-term, you are required to set your budget.

But remember, in betting, you are more likely to lose the money you’ve invested than winning. You must decide the amount of money you are willing to put at risk, and if you end up losing ensure that you won’t put more at risk.

Depending on your goals, you can decide your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly budgets. Ensure that you can willingly and comfortably afford it and strive to abide by it. However, be cautious; remember spending a lot of money on sports betting can cause all sorts of problems.

Also, remember to abide by a staking plan – a set of guidelines that determines the amount of money to be staked on every individual bet in relation to the budget. The recommended staking is 1% to 2% and not beyond 5%. A staking plan allows bettors to tolerate a few losses preventing them against blowing their entire budget aimlessly.

Tip #4 – Be Selective

Be Selective

One appealing fact about online betting is the wide variety of options it offers. In modern days, it’s possible to place wagers on virtually all types of sports, all games, events, leagues, and even competition.

Also, there is a wide selection of the types of bets we can pick from. But being selective is key. We can spoil the entire exercise by placing too many bets the same way we would lose money if we stake a lot of it.

Also, it is difficult to make consistent and sensible selections when we place too many wagers hence it is better to focus on finding realistic opportunities.

A thumb of the rule is to place a few well-thought-out bets and you’re more likely to earn better results than placing random bets. Remember, whenever there is a sound reason why you should place a bet, do it! But don’t place it for the sake of doing it.

Tip #5 – Acknowledge the Value Concept

What’s the big deal about this term “value” which is often used in sports betting. It has come to be known that the majority of bettors don’t really know its meaning. But the concept is rather simple because “value” is the measure of the relationship between the odds in a particular selection and possibility/probability of what they’re associated with happening.

If your main objective is indulging yourself in sports betting to earn money, then you must understand the value concept well. This concept guides you to make smart decisions; place bets only when you identify positive expected value.

This concept is strongly recommended even where the better is doing it for fun because after all, everyone needs money and nobody wants to lose money aimlessly. This will not only result in a positive outcome but will also make your experience more enjoyable.

Tip #6 Learn Simple Betting Strategies and Free Betting Tips

Learn Simple Betting Strategies and Free Betting Tips

The majority of newbies don’t know the importance of strategizing well before getting started. This is not wrong because as a beginner, there are other things to pay attention to. But in the real sense, it is a mistake to absolutely neglect strategy.

Most of these strategies are simple to follow and assist beginners in making wise decisions. Having that in mind, there are some well-known strategies and free betting tips that guide bettors like chasing steam, arbitrage, low-risk multiples, betting with bonuses and free wagers. Although these strategies don’t guarantee a direct win, it is believed that they’ve merit and should be learned.

Tip #7 – Comparing Odds and Lines

This only consumes a few seconds of your time before pressing the wager button. Of course, betting websites and bookmakers do not offer the same odds but doing some comparisons between the odds and the lines, it is possible to arrive at the best deal.


Among the many ways of making sports more exciting, betting is among them. When you apply these betting strategies and free online tips, you will win and begin to see betting as an opportunity to buy that sleek car your favorite footballer drives.

Let it be sports, weather, political outcomes, or any other place where a chance is involved, you can see many people who love to bet for an outcome. Today, as technology improved the online betting in India has also changed to online betting India.

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Rakesh Nadkarni