eSports‌ ‌Betting‌ Tips ‌in‌ ‌India:‌ ‌An‌ ‌Ultimate‌ ‌Guide‌

Tips for eSports betting in India

In the Digital Age that we are living in, everything is getting turned into the digital and mobile accessible aspect, including the aspect of esports and gaming.

eSports betting has gathered immense momentum over the past years to the point that it has become the norm of the day.

Quite a significant number of punters are always rushing around to place bets on the best esports games and events around the world.

Currently, the total revenue wagered towards esports has surpassed the $23 billion mark, with esports attracting enormous sponsorship from various companies.

Betting on esports, therefore, is a big thing and a massive fanbase for many people in India.

However, people are earning while others lose in e-sport betting. Consequently, some may not have a diverse knowledge of e-sport betting. Also, check out some sports betting tips

This ultimate guide describes all about esports betting tips in India to guide you through the aspect.

What is eSport Betting?

What is eSport betting

eSports is a short-form for electronic sports, which is a form of sporting competition through video gaming.

It takes the form of organized and competitive video gaming, where competitors from various teams or leagues face off in various popular games on computerized devices.

Betting on esports is more or less similar to betting on traditional sports, only that betting on esports is more developed than traditional betting in terms of digital and technical application.

Esport betting involves a selection of the preferred e-sport and betting on it through a preferred betting site or platforms, which are discussed later in this guide.

There is also a wide variety of ways that you can bet on esports, such as cash-based sites and skins-based, among others, which are also discussed later in the guide.

Popular eSports in India

There is a wide variety of e-sport games with varying odds in India.

However, three among the competitive gaming industry are the one which is mostly recognized due to their guarantee in finding the best bets.

These include Dota 2, CS: GO, and the League of Legends.

1. Dota 2

It is one of the biggest e-sport games in Asia and India, which gives a fascinating experience with plenty of odds on variating games and events, including minor events, qualifier matches, and the most prestigious tournaments.

It is a multiplayer video game and battling arena that was developed and published by Valve.

The game is a typical battlefield with diverse heroes, powerful items, endless arrays, abilities, and Dota boast where gamers can find a wide variety of roles and an abundance of items to meet the needs of each game.

2. CS: GO

(Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) – This is another worldwide and popular e-sport title that has not missed its recognition in India.

It is known for its boosted odds, many tournaments, and competitive matches that run on the platform.

It is also a multiplayer and first-person shooter video game, whose development involved the combined efforts of Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment.

For the lovers of action movies and shooting experiences, this is your game.

3. League of Legends

It is recognized as one of the most played video games in the world and definitely, India.

Developed and published by Riot Games, it is a multiplayer online arena video game that offers hundreds of matches every month with boosted odds on various betting sites.

4. FIFA 20:

FIFA is another video game that has been on the trend, especially for football lovers. It is a football simulation video game that is part of the FIFA series, produced by Electronic Arts.

It has also caught an interest in esports betting in India due to its upgraded functionalities and diverse tournaments. Other common esports are listed below.

  • Fortnite Betting
  • NBA 2K League Betting
  • PUBG
  • CSGO Match Betting
  • Call of Duty
  • Overwatch
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm

Choosing the Best eSport

Every e-sport has its own experience.

It’s just like basketball and football.

Esports, therefore, cannon be pigeonholed into a single market because it exists in a variety of genres.

For the gaming lovers, I am pretty sure that this is not a complex choice for you; definitely, you will go by the preferred e-sport game that you are experienced in.

However, if you are not big into gaming, go for simpler games that are not complex and have a guarantee over profound betting experiences.

This includes the list; Dota 2, CS: GO, and the League of Legends. In this sense, you also have to go by the game that you enjoy watching and would love playing. Get some ideas on single bet strategy.

Best eSport Betting Sites in India

It is quite a list; however, this guide presents you with the best betting sites that have been observed to provide profound experience in e-sport betting in India.

BetWay esports – It offers 100% bonuses of up to INR2500
Comeon! – It’s a profound Casino Poker and betting site that also offers 100% bonuses of up to INR2500
UNIBET – It has some of the best odds and an added advantage of cashback bonus where the first bet is returned, with a maximum of INR2000
LeoVegas – It also has boosted odds with 100% bonuses of up to INR10000; that’s indeed awesome! – The site caught our interest because it only deals with cryptocurrency and offers a wide variety of weekly bonuses.
GGBET – up to 150% deposit bonuses
BETONLINE – This site offers fast payouts, and 50% matched deposits
Bet365 – It’s one among the best in the world that has also been fairing profoundly in India.

Choosing the Appropriate Betting Site

Choosing the appropriate betting site involves a number of considerations

  • Consider your desired market – The betting site should be a generic site and should feature the esports that most interests you. For specific (non-generic) esports, such as first-person shooters, you can go for the best CS: GO gambling sites.
  • Consider safety measures
  • Consider your preferred payment options – These may vary from PayPal Casinos, Visa, and Skrill e-wallets among other payment models that suit you.
  • Consider the betting and withdrawal limits – Betting sites have their minimum betting amounts and withdrawal limits. You should choose the one that correlates or suits your financial operation to ensure that you are not confined to unnecessary limits.

Notably, it would be best if you considered BetWay esports due to their customized offers and quality of games. Additionally, it has the largest online casino where you will find the most popular slot machine games and sportsbook to earn you money.

How to Bet on eSports


Currently, betting on esports has been diversified. Some of the common ways include real money betting, skin betting, social, and challenge betting.

1.Real Money Betting

This is the form that is much more like the traditional sports betting, where you place money wagers at the set or agreed odds for various games. You get paid out if the selection is in your favour.

2. Skin Betting

It is also known as item betting and very popular in e-sport betting, which features virtual currencies and such items that can be transferred among players.

In some betting sites, players can use items and currencies to gamble. Consequently, skin betting involves the use of these items or virtual currencies as a replacement for real money to bet on the outcome of e-sport contests.

Other sites run jackpot games with a number of players, where they put their skins into a pot, and the winner of the entire pot is randomly chosen.

3. Social Betting

This form of betting is common in an e-sport community where online contacts place the informal wagers on the outcomes of e-sport events between themselves.

The wagers can be for real money, skins, or other items that are agreed upon by the contacts or parties.

4. Challenge Betting

It is also known as head-to-head betting, where gamers compete against each other for real money, skins, and other items.

Various sites organize the wagers more formally, where the players pay an entry fee to join the contents, and the winners are rewarded from the proceedings of the fees.

You should choose the best form that best suits your needs.

For most of the people, real money e-sport betting because it represents the best chance of making regular and consistent profits.

Advice on Betting Tips and Strategies

Knowing how to bet is one thing, but making money out of the bet is another. Below are some best betting strategies and tips to make money.

  • Understand the Odds and Calculate the Payouts – Regardless of what you are wagering on, the odds are essential to consider.
  • Avoid favorites in the Best of One Matches – As a matter of fact, you should try to avoid heavy favorite matches in general. It would be best if you steered away from a bet where you note that the team is being favorite due to the other side being unknown.
  • It would be best if you also avoided the unknown and lesser teams
  • Watch out for Roster changes –These happen when the team removes a weaker player to replace them with a better one. Consequently, the reason might be that the player quits a group to join the rival, and therefore, it is important to draw your focus on the roster changes. Also, read about the legality of betting laws in India.

Final Thoughts

Remember that before you start betting, it is important to have a concrete understanding of at least some of the video games that are played to be able to make better betting decisions.

It would be best if you also learned about the teams and players that take part in the e-sport contests. Lastly, do not be drawn so much to high and uncertain odds; patience is a factor in e-sport betting.

Let it be sports, weather, political outcomes, or any other place where a chance is involved, you can see many people who love to bet for an outcome. Today, as technology improved the online betting in India has also changed to online betting India. Betting sites 24 is one of the best Indian betting sites.

Rakesh Nadkarni